Always Available - Terms of Service

Our Responsibility
Our service is provided as a service only. Any network repairs needing to be done will be forwarded to AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint and are not the responsibility of Adventure Internet. Adventure Internet offers a good faith warranty of 7 days on all devices sold. Any warranty claims after the first 7 days should be forwarded to the manufacturer of your device. Adventure Internet, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint are not responsible for any device malfunction after the initial 7 days of service.
Many devices provided by Adventure Internet are Used, Refurbished, or Are simply Display devices. The actual sale date of the devices may vary and therefor the original manufacture warranty expiration date will vary. Device sales from Adventure Internet will not count as the original sale date. No warranty, repair, or replacement it warranted beyond the 7 days by Adventure Internet and becomes the sole responsibility of the customer after the original 7 days.
Services are provided on the terms outlined as accordance with Adventure Internet. Service is considered unlimited and, in most cases will always achieve the highest speed possible for the area. Congested areas are subject to throttling and no certain speed is promised. Average speed estimates provided by Adventure Internet are not intended to be used as expected speed, merely a example. Speeds will vary by signal strength and other variables, which Adventure Internet cannot warrant.
Adventure Internet cannot provide definite signal estimates to customers without testing the signal in person with special signal testing equipment. Self-install customers are responsible for obtaining signal and speed tests prior to ordering from Adventure Internet. If after purchase and activation a customer determines the service will not work in their area, Adventure Internet will accept no responsibility for this mistake. Refund terms are outlined in the refund section.

Abusive use constitutes using the internet connection for illegal activities, or any use that is against the terms of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile (our partners). Service is unlimited and intended for home use.
Service is based in the United States and applicable to all US Laws. Any violation of the law can constitute abuse.
Clients found in violation of our abuse policy may be Suspended until the next service renewal, or up to termination of service in cases beyond our control.

Always Available (within reason) will make a best effort to maintain your current price for the life of your account. Always Available cannot be responsible for any price increases imposed by AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint that will be beyond our power. Always Available will never increase the price of a service on an active client on our own accord. Prices are locked to the promotional price until the end of the promotion. Most promotions are permanent but will be outlined on the order page.

Clients are considered active only if the service is Current and paid in full. If a service defaults or goes past due it immediately no longer qualifies as active and can be changed to the then current price without notice.

Always Available offers a 7-day Return Policy for all clients with or without reason. A $100 restocking fee will apply to ALL returns regardless of reason. Always Available is not responsible for signal, coverage, or speed issues in the customers area. If there is a device problem or malfunction Always Available will replace the device free of charge within 7 days. Malfunctioned devices do not constitute a valid reason to return a device without a restocking fee as we will offer a free replacement option.
Beyond 7 days NO REFUNDS will be offered. The equipment you purchased is YOUR equipment, and you may do whatever you wish with it. You are free to resell the device or use it with another carrier.
An additional $40 restocking fee applies to all NEW device Returns.

Cancellation & Contracts

If your service is Cancelled or Terminated due to an abuse situation no refunds will be provided for unused time. Abuse situations are taken on a per situation basis. Not every abuse case results in a termination. Always Available will make every effort to work with the customer within reason to avoid termination.

If you wish to cancel your service and cannot for any reason get in to our billing panel, You may send an email to to request a cancellation of your service.

PayPal Payments
Any payment made by PayPal is subject to additional withholding when being refunded. PayPal does not offer refunds for the fees associated with collecting payments. A 3% transaction fee will be withheld in addition to the restocking fee for all refunds in accordance with payments made via PayPal.
PayPal transactions are associated with a 3% non-refundable transaction fee. In the event of a refund for a payment made via PayPal, an additional 3% transaction fee will be withed.

Overdue Invoices and Collections
Always Available service is a Pre-Pay provider. Service is not rendered until it is paid for. Therefore, if you do not pay a due invoice it will simply be cancelled. Once an account is terminated all billing will be cancelled as well. Only in certain situations of fraud, charge back, or unpaid equipment will Always Available pursue a Collection Agency and or other legal means for collection up to without limitation of filing suit in small claims court. Always Available’s primary collection agency is Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC. Although this could change on a per case basis.
Any contact from Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC or any collection agency working on behalf of Always Available is legally permitted in accordance with this term of services. You agree to these terms by simply making a purchase with Always Available.

In the instance of a dispute, Always Available, reserves the right to charge the you the balance of the service plus an additional $25 fee. We reserve the right to visit our terms under Overdue Invoices and Collections to pursue legal recourse if you opt not to comply with us in our resolution attempts.

We try to offer the fairest possible plan for our users without any unreasonable limits. However within reason, we are required to limit overall usage on our plans to meet fair access policies.
The Unlimited plan by AT&T and or Verizon is limited to 1TB of usage per month. Any excess of 1TB may result in being flagged for abuse and possibly terminated for the rest of that billing month.. This limit is enforced Weekly in the amount of 250GB per week. If your account is flagged for abuse there is no undo, or reactivation.